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সর্ব-শেষ হাল-নাগাদ: ২১st August ২০১৯

মূল মূল্য এবং মানের নীতি


Quality Policy :
"EGCB is engaged in power generation business. To ensure this EGCB will establish, operate and maintain generation facilities in a cost effective manner. In this process EGCB shall develop and maintain its human, organizational, technological and material resources to ensure continued suitability. The policy will be reviewed from time to time for its continual improvement."

Core Value :
E: Excellence:
We will make every effort in the pursuit of achieving business Excellence.

G: Good Governance:
We will manage our business honestly, ethically and in a transparent manner to establish Good Governance and to earn the trust and respect of all of our stakeholders.

C: Commitment:
We will always keep our Commitment to our stakeholders, in the process, we will work together in a spirit of cooperation and trust, taking responsibility and do what is right.

B: Boldness:
We will always inculcate Boldness in all our decisions and actions to constantly improve our performance for meeting the challenges of the future.

L: Leadership:
We will exercise Leadership by example, demonstrating that we apply our respective professional competencies for creating a work environment to achieve our mission.